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We provide Calibration Services & Supply of Material Testing Equipments

Welcome to Tech Precision Services (TPS) that specializes in engineering services. TPS is a professional company furnished with qualified experienced and trained professionals equipped with the most modern high tech and traceable equipment confirming to related standards. This will enable you to increase efficiency, safety and productivity in relatively, less time and cost. Our engineers will immediately diagnose and fix problems even at site upon notification. 

  • Testing a new instrument
  • Testing an instrument after it has been repaired or modified
  • Periodic testing of instruments
  • Testing after the specific usage has elapsed
  • Prior to and/or after a critical measurement
  • When observations are not accurate or instrument indicators do not match the output of a surrogate instrument
  • After events such as:
An instrument has had a shock, vibration, or exposure to adverse conditions, which can put it out of calibration or damage it.
Sudden weather changes
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